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Expiration Date: DEC-2020
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Removes deeply all make-up without having to rub the area. Hydrates, relieves, protects and does not irritate the skin, even if sensitive.
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Expiration Date: NOV-2019
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Expiration Date: NOV-2019
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  • I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis on the face. In certain periods the redness and the peeling off are more evident. I have started using both the Day Cream and the Night Cream with Argan. I feel the calming effect of these natural ingredients and notice great improvement.
    Alejandra Z. (Collado Villalba, Spain)
  • For about 45 days I've been using the 24h Cream with Argan and my skin stays hydrated. A friend of mine was surprised to see the good aspect of my face. She, instead, had very dry skin with lack of tone, so I gave her a container I had in stock. She called and told me that after two weeks, she noticed an amazing change. We are both happy!
    Carmen D. (Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain)
  • I use since a couple of months the Make-up Remover and the Pure Argan Oil. I've noticed that my eyelashes are stronger and they are also longer. I'm fascinated!
    Milena F. (Madrid, Spain)
  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the muscular pains near the joints were difficult to treat. But since I started to try the Alkyrol product a month ago, my life has changed significantly. The pain has been reduced a 50% with just one daily dose. I strongly recommend it.
    Sandra C. (Argentina)
  • Using Sincera is like making yourself a "lifting" every day, with the advantage that it is not invasive and is totally natural.
    Dra. G.M., La Plata (Argentina)
  • Sincera is incredible, I had acne, skin spots and wrinkles of expression in my forehead and my eyes, but all this is disappearing. My skin feels firm, hydrated and fresh. I recommend it.
    Sandra C. (Argentina)
  • With Arandanol, I saved my legs from varicous veins, thanks.
    Dra. M.K., Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • I'm senior, I'm already 75 and I have been taking P25 for a long time. Only one capsule per day of this outstanding product, makes me see things in a different way: everything seems to have improved, I even see colours better! I'm very grateful.
    El Profe, Cali (Colombia)
  • I'm a registred nurse and presently work nights and 8-hour shifts. Lately, my eyes have become sensible to light. I'm exposed to permanent light variations, from darkness to fluorescent light. Arandanol has helped me a lot. I take it twice a day. I have also recommended it to friends and fellow workers.
    Gema, DF, Mexico
  • My mother with Arthritis Rheumatoid has used this treatment with AlkyrolPlus. Thanks God she has improved a lot with this product. Her pain has disappeared and the inflammation and deformation of the joints have stopped.
    David, Bogota (Colombia)