Shark Liver Oil dietary supplement. Containing beneficial Alkylglycerols.
Immune System Booster.
DO NOT CONFUSE Alkyrol with a simple fish oil!
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Expiration Date: MAY-2021
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Alkyrol 500, 120 capsules (05-2021)
Alkyrol is an unique formula of natural shark's liver oil, carefully controlled, purified in order not to contain neither fats nor other undesired components and standarizedto contain a 20% of Alkylglycerols.

  • Enhancement of production of leucocytes, erythrocytes and thrombocytes.
  • Improvement of slow-healing wounds and tumor-inhibiting activity.
  • Reduction in the drop of leucocytes usually seen along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Enhancement of wound healing and improvement in inflammatory conditions such as asthma, psoriasis and arthritis.
  • Securing the Plasminogens’ and the Platelet Activating Factor (“PAF”) Antagonists’ bioavailability in the brain.
  • Elimination of accumulated heavy metals, pesticides and toxins
  • Reduction of oxidative stress , fighting against the effect of free radicals in the skin.
  • improvement of slow-healing wounds and burnings.
  • Bacteriostatic effect on various species of bacteria, anti-viral effect and inhibitory effect on fungi.
  • Promotion of lipoproteins equilibrium, thus balancing the levels between "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and "good" cholesterol (HDL).
  • Improvement in sperm mobility.
  • Minimization of colds, flu, and chronic infections.

History: For centuries shark liver oil has been a therapy used by Scandinavian fishermen. It was used topically to heal wounds and cuts, as well as improving their health condition in general. Sharks have lived on our planet for 450 million years and, except for some extreme cases, DO NOT contract cancer (what's more, they do not developed it). Alkylglycerols naturally occur in human breast milk, the liver, the spleen and the bone marrow. It has been discovered that the liver oil from certain deep and cold water sharks is exceptionally rich in Alkylglycerols. They have been the object of extensive clinical research since 1952. Plenty of references are available on the subject.

Cancer and shark liver oil: shark liver oil is one of the many interesting healing oils which have been studied in recent years, because it is rich in Alkylglycerols. The fact that a tumor cell can be so easily alterated by an oil is actually amazing. Dr. R.F. conducted a research with 9 cancer patients who had to undergo a surgical operation at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. He took some samples and cultured the cancer cells of such patients. He then combined chemotherapic agents with Alkylglycerols in those cultures. He found out that Alkylglycerols enhanced the effects of chem otherapics in all cases. The number of cancer cells was dramatically reduced in 6 cultures, and 90% of the tumors dissappeared.

How can these surprising research findings be explained?: The content of Alkylglycerols in tumor cells is higher than in normal tissue - 10 to 100 times as much. Cancer cells are thought to lack enzymes that might decompose Alkylglycerols. In a way, Alkylglycerols "block" and "soffocate" cancer cells, thus hindering their ability to reproduce. Another explanation for this is that Alkylglycerols are strong inmune "boosters".

PAF vs. Alkylglycerols: among the strong inflammatory factors involved in psoriasis and rheumathoid arthritis, for instance, there is the so-called PAF (Platelet Activation Factor). This substance is a fat or lipid produced by our body, which causes enormous deleterous effects, since it acts on some specific parts (skin, joints, arteries, etc.), aggravating inflammatory processes. PAF action has been seen in numerous ilnesses, including those which are harmful to the cardiovascular system.
Alkylglycerols are facts with a chemical structure similar to the PAF and other inflammatory agents; that's why they compete against each other by occupying the impact areas chosen by deleterious substances. In this way, they manage to reduce inflammatory processes and modulate in a positive way the rest of the PAF's actions.

Alkylglycerols; also referred to as "intelligent fats"; play not only a healing role but also a preventing role. They are considered a "natural vaccine" (Dr. P.P.).

DO NOT CONFUSE Alkyrol with a simple fish oil!

Suggested Usage: For maintenance and/or prevention, take 1 capsule, once or twice per day. For therapeutic purposes, take 1 capsule, three or four times per day.
The capsules should be taken with enough water.

Expiration Date: MAY-2021
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