Sincera, 60 capsules

Expiration Date: FEB-2021
Sincera, "skin repair system" is a safe natural and drug-free treatment that helps us keep a healthy and youthful-looking skin. This supplement counteracts the skin aging process on all your body, from the inside to the outside. It makes it look youthful again, and turns it smoother and stronger, giving it a healthy look.

Clinically tested: clinical reserch has shown that over 95% of the people reported an improvement on their skin, not only in terms of texture and colour, but also in terms of their fine lines and wrinkles. They noticed their skin become smoother and that both age spots and irregular pigment marks had dissappeared.

Cellulite: this formula also counteracts cellulite by activating the fibroblast, thus improving the metabolism of the interstitial matrix and restoring skin quality. Clinically, this results in a lower fiber component of cellulite and, as a consequence, the dimpled appearance is reduced.

The benefits of this dietary suplement are based on its key ingredients:
  • Mucopolysaccharides of Marine Origin: they strengthen the supporting structures in the subcutaneous cellular tissue. Another effect of this property is a reduction in flaccidity.
  • Anthocyanidins and Flavonoids: they improve microcirculation and increase the blood flow that has been damaged by the fiber component of cellulite, reducing its nodular aspect and solid consistency.
  • Vitamins and Coenzyme Q10: they prevent the deleterious oxidative process caused by refined sugars on the skin collagen and skin tissue.
  • Organic Silica: it prevents collagen degradation and makes tissue structures more resistant.
  • Essential Minerals : they enhance tissue metabolism; it is crucial, since industrially manufactured foods have a poor nutrient content.

Sincera's active components work on the skin of the whole body, giving it a youthful fresh look.

Suggested Usage: The treatment recommends to take 1 capsule in the morning (on an empty stomach) and 1 capsule in the evening (before dinner) during 90 days. Then continue with 1 capsule daily in the morning.

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  • Expiration Date: 02-2021
  • Manufacturer: EuroHealth