24-Hour Cream Antiage with Argan, Moringa, Jaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

It hydrates, protects, nourishes, repairs and strengthens the skin face. Suitable to prevent early aging.
Suitable to prevent the skin early aging.

Made in Italy cream, composed of: Organic Argan Oil, Moringa Extract, Jaluronic Acid, Natural Pure Tocopherol (Vitamin E).
Free from chemical additives, mineral oils, etc. Suitable to Vegans and Halal.

Amazing hydrating, protective, antiage, strengthening and nutritious skin treatment.

Active Hydratation: the Jaluronic Acid keeps water on the skin surface so as to obtain an optimal skin hydratation. Besides, thanks to a mixture of Ceramids, the skin remains strong and compact, and this fact slows down wrinkles' appearance.

Protection: Moringa Extract functions as an excellent barrier against pollution, smog, dust and smoke. It boosts vitamins ACE, which exert an anti-free-radical action.

Antiage: together with Argan Oil, Ceramides and the powerful antiage effect of Vitamin E, the result is a great repairing action on skin surface.

In synergy with the great hydrating, smoothing, nutritive, antiage and repairing properties of Organic Argan Oil, this cream nourishes, softens and regenerates the skin face.
Visible results in a short time.

Use: apply to the face skin and massage until complete absorption. Use the cream both day and night. Keep away from hot temperatures and the sun.

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  • Expiration Date: 05-2020
  • Manufacturer: Arganiae